Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Birthday Fun

Today is my dear friend Heather's birthday. We celebrated yesterday with some "girl time" & lunch at Zinn Bistro (really yummy food for those of you who haven't been there). It was a blast! Happy Birthday, Heather...Thanks for being my best friend!

Would you ever believe that Liv is pregnant
& due in 6 weeks?


Emily Peterson said...

Zinn's is mine and Paul's very favorite restaurant! It is seriously delicious! I am so jealous, we haven't been for awhile!

Robin Bodell said...

I love Zinn,but we always laugh when we get the boy waiter. He is so angry when he has us. I love your hair!!!

sara and ryan said...

Cute hair!!!

kate moss said...

How are you? Yes I love your hair too!
Those shoes Mya was wearing were Olivia's I can't remember where I got them. Sorry:(