Thursday, January 27, 2011

Friends or Sisters?

It's 4:30...I should be getting dinner ready (does anyone else dread this time of day?), but instead I find myself sitting in front of my computer. Productive, right? I am beginning to realize that putting my Mac on the desk in my kitchen wasn't the best of ideas. I swear it calls my name!

Ok...on with the point of this post! I enjoyed lunch today with 3 of my dearest friends. As I drove home, I was thinking about how much we have shared together. Our friendships started during the days of big bangs, Wet & Wild lipgloss, Esprit bags, & pegged Girbaud jeans. Now here we are 20+ years later, girls no more. Where has the time gone? I have shared so much with these remarkable women. Our friendships have been full of both laughter & tears. We have seen one another through some of the hardest times in our lives.

I am so GRATEFUL for their constant friendship. I am GRATEFUL for their unconditional love, support, & acceptance. I am GRATEFUL that no matter how much time passes, we can always pick up right where we left off. I am GRATEFUL that I can truly be myself with them. They know me as well (maybe even better) than I know myself. I am GRATEFUL for their examples...they each teach me in ways that they don't even realize. Jaime teaches me of genuine kindness & compassion toward others. She finds the good in everyone & everything. Tiffany shows me how to face my trials with grace & courage. Melissa teaches me to be strong during times of adversity & to be loyal to those I cherish. I am so truly blessed to have their friendship(s) in my life. They are my sisters & I love them dearly.

Friday, January 21, 2011

January Blues

January... Need I say more? Everyone I talk to says how down they are feeling right now. Why does January do this to us? I find myself feeling very restless which usually results in me ending up at Target... NEVER a good plan! So I have decided to take on a few projects around the house in an effort to avoid the "Target trap." How are you fighting the January blues?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


A friend of mine designs fabulous gratitude journals. The purpose of these journals is to write down something that you are grateful for each & every day. Being grateful changes your attitude & outlook. It helps you to see the good in every situation. So I have taken this challenge... At first I was a little leery, but I can already see the benefits of doing it.

I hate mornings. I am NOT good at college roommates can attest to this! Anyhow, my morning today began as usual: fighting with the alarm clock by pushing snooze several times; finally getting out of bed only to realize that I have once again gotten up too late; muttering a choice word under my breath. Not a pretty picture, right? As I lifted Lyla Jane out of her crib, she greeted me with a huge smile, wrapped her arms tightly around my neck, & said, "Ma-ma, I wuv 00!" Instant attitude change. This is one of those parenting moments that make it all worth it. So today I am GRATEFUL for these 3 beautiful children whom Heavenly Father has entrusted to me. I am GRATEFUL for their sweet spirits & unconditional love. I am GRATEFUL for the quiet moments like the one I had with Lyla this morning that buoy me up & remind me what is truly important in life. Today I am GRATEFUL!