Friday, November 13, 2009

Little Miss 1-Year Old

Lyla Jane (a.k.a. "Ly-Ly", "L.J.", and "Janie") turns 1 tomorrow. It is so hard to believe it has already been a year. It seems like just yesterday that I was pregnant with her. Time has definitely gone by faster with each of my children. My mom always tells me to cherish these years because before you know it they're over. I am beginning to understand what she means.

Lyla has brought us so much joy. She is such a sweet little girl. She is happy ALL the time... Really, she rarely cries. Maybe this is because she is such a great sleeper?! This little girl loves her naps, eating (she is particularly fond of circus animal cookies), her mommy, her star-stacker (She crawls all over with a star in each hand. She loves the sound of them banging on the hardwood floor.), wrestling with William, climbing on anything & everything, and her "ba-ba." Oh, and did I mention she loves to eat? Her latest accomplishment was conquering our staircase. She is so proud of herself when she gets to the top! Her top two teeth have broken through (4 teeth total) and her vocabulary is growing ("uh-oh", "oh wow", "mum", "me"). Patty-cake, giving "5", and pulling her blanket on and off her own head are favorite games! She is full of energy and keep us on our toes... My mom likes to call her the "wild thing", which is very fitting. She has the prettiest eyes that light up and get so big when she smiles. We are all so in love with this little angel and cannot imagine our world without her. She had us all wrapped around her finger from the first moment we all saw her. Happy 1st Birthday, sweet Lyla Jane!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Lyla's 1 Year Old Photoshoot

I just got these pictures back from Lyla's 1 -year old photoshoot. She was SO good for it... At least until the end when I made her eat her birthday cake. There are 2 kinds of kids... Those that attack their cakes & those that won't touch it because they don't like being sticky. Lyla is definitely the 2nd type. She got so mad. All she would do was touch it & then cry because she didn't like having the frosting on her fingers. Then I smeared the frosting on her face to make it look like she'd been eating the cake (because we just had to have a picture!). I can't imagine where she gets her obsessive-compulsive tendencies from?