Sunday, March 28, 2010

Twas the Week Before Easter

Since Easter is on Conference weekend this year & we don't have church, the kiddos sported their new finery today. My friend Adrienne sewed their outfits for me. They turned out so cute. Thanks, Adrienne (

P.S. I really need to learn to sew. I am loving the "homemade" clothes look. It reminds me of when I was little & my mom would sew all of my back to school clothes. Fabrics are so cute now days... much better than the polyester duds I wore (no offense, Mom). I love the mixture of all the different fabrics & textures.

Annual Neighborhood Egg Hunt

Yesterday was the annual neighborhood egg hunt. My kids look forward to this all year. Every time we drive by the park, Will reminds us that "that's where the Easter Bunny comes." Unfortunately, Will couldn't go to the hunt this year... He had his first soccer game. Our cute neighbor & friend, Abby, came along in his place. The girls all had a great time. Lyla was ALL about the chocolate & not so much the Easter Bunny. She wigged out! Not that I blame her... He is a little freaky looking. Is it just me or is his head on crooked?

Our Random Boy

There are no words...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday is a Special Day!

I just found Olivia's "Saturday To Do List." Can I just say how sweet she is!?

1. Help
2. Lyla
3. Hug
4. Play the Wii
5. Esersize (exercise)
6. Be nice
7. Grama

Love this girl.

Wii Mania!

I have a love/hate relationship with the Wii. I love that my kids get so much pleasure out of it & we can all spend time playing it together. I hate that it's all my kids ever want to do & at times it causes them to fight like cats & dogs. Even little Lyla likes to join in ... or at least she thinks she is! What are all of your thoughts? Are we frying our kids brain cells or are we helping with their "fine motor skills" (as my father-in-law likes to tell me).

Thursday, March 11, 2010


I am officially the worst blogger ever! For weeks I have been telling myself that I would "catch up" on my blog. Well, that is clearly not going to happen. I am sure you are all getting sick of looking at pictures of Santa Claus in March! So I am starting fresh. Enjoy!

Jungle Fever

William Patrick. Oh, how I love this boy! He brings me so much happiness each & every day. Those of you who know him well will appreciate this post. You all know of his quirky personality. His latest obsessions are dinosaurs & tigers. Nate has fashioned a "tail" out of masking tape that Will hooks onto his backside & then runs around the house on all fours. Be careful if you come over for a visit... You may end up playing "zoo." Well, you can imagine his excitement when I brought home these hats that I found at the craft store. He has been sleeping in them at night. It brings a smile to my face to walk in his room to turn off his light & see this sight. He keeps us all laughing! What an imagination. I hope he never loses his curious nature & FUN personality.