Thursday, June 24, 2010


We are back from paradise... Grand Cayman that is. We spent 9 days & 8 nights in a beach house on Seven Mile Beach. I have never seen such a beautiful beach... the water was so blue & there literally was not a pebble in the sand. There weren't any waves to speak of so the kids could swim in the ocean like it was a swimming pool. Olivia & Will were in the water NONSTOP. We all had a great time & were sad to have to come home. Thanks to my cousin, Jackie, for organizing the trip. We will DEFINITELY have to do it again.

The highlight of the trip was Sting Ray City. A MUST DO if you ever visit the island. The kids & I were a little intimidated at first, but loved it once we got in the water. So glad we had the experience.

More pictures to come!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Will's Words

Sorry for all of the "Will's Words" posts lately, but Will has been providing me with a lot of material. This kid is hilarious!

Scene: Driving in the car. Will is sitting next to Lyla & looks at a sore on her finger.

Will: "Lyla, what in the hell did you do to your finger?"

I know I should have gotten after him, but I could not stop laughing. He kept saying it over & over! I wonder where he heard that from? Certainly not his mother!

Spring Happenings

This post is LONG overdue. I can't believe how fast Spring came & went. The past few months are a blur. We were crazy busy and I seriously thought I was going to lose it a couple times. We all survived... And we had a lot of fun along the way!

I love watching the neighborhood come to life with the warmer weather. It's so fun to go on evening walks & see everyone outside. I love living in a circle where the kids can play outside without fear of them getting hurt. On one night, I counted 18 kiddos playing in front of our house. We love our neighborhood & feel so blessed to live here.

The highlight of Spring for William was the release of "Ironman 2." He went opening night with his dad, Grandpa Jerry, and Uncle Ryan. He went in full Ironman attire (mask included) & was the hit of the show. Everyone was giving him high 5's . Of course he totally ate up all the attention.

With Spring came driving all over the valley for Liv's singing performances. She takes from Clayton Productions & totally LOVES it. I think she has found her niche. They do such a great job. This year they sang a collection of Disney songs. Her solo came from "Alice in Wonderland."

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Will's Words

Scene: Watching "Karate Kid" in the movie theatre.

Will (in a REALLY loud voice): "Mom, those boys are really mean. If I was there, I would kill them with my huge muscles."