Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wii Mania!

I have a love/hate relationship with the Wii. I love that my kids get so much pleasure out of it & we can all spend time playing it together. I hate that it's all my kids ever want to do & at times it causes them to fight like cats & dogs. Even little Lyla likes to join in ... or at least she thinks she is! What are all of your thoughts? Are we frying our kids brain cells or are we helping with their "fine motor skills" (as my father-in-law likes to tell me).


Shannon said...

We LOVE to play Just Dance... do you have that game? And, of course, boxing is a personal fave! I only allow Ty to play the "other", "fine motor" type games for a short period of time... maybe 30-40 minutes. Not because I think it's frying his brain, I just get tired of the sound and that he gets obsessed with it! Xaria is like me, she loves the other games that get ya movin', so I don't have the same problem with her. If the kids fight about what game to play, it just gets turned off - but I'm mean like that! :)

christie said...

My kids are obsessed with Super Mario & getting to all of the new levels! We don't have Just Dance... Maybe we need to invest in it!

Robin Bodell said...

I feel the same way. My kids love it, Daddy loves it, but I kinda hate it. BUT...this winter it has been a fun activity for them to do. I think once the warm weather arrives, they won't play much at all. Plus, it is fun for all the friends to do too. I think if time is limited it is okay. I notice my kids get cranky if they play to long.