Tuesday, January 11, 2011


A friend of mine designs fabulous gratitude journals. The purpose of these journals is to write down something that you are grateful for each & every day. Being grateful changes your attitude & outlook. It helps you to see the good in every situation. So I have taken this challenge... At first I was a little leery, but I can already see the benefits of doing it.

I hate mornings. I am NOT good at them...my college roommates can attest to this! Anyhow, my morning today began as usual: fighting with the alarm clock by pushing snooze several times; finally getting out of bed only to realize that I have once again gotten up too late; muttering a choice word under my breath. Not a pretty picture, right? As I lifted Lyla Jane out of her crib, she greeted me with a huge smile, wrapped her arms tightly around my neck, & said, "Ma-ma, I wuv 00!" Instant attitude change. This is one of those parenting moments that make it all worth it. So today I am GRATEFUL for these 3 beautiful children whom Heavenly Father has entrusted to me. I am GRATEFUL for their sweet spirits & unconditional love. I am GRATEFUL for the quiet moments like the one I had with Lyla this morning that buoy me up & remind me what is truly important in life. Today I am GRATEFUL!


The Stringham's said...

Christie, you are too cute. And that picture is too die for. You are such a wonderful mom and friend. What a great idea I could use that everyday as a great reminder. thanks so much for that...i needed that.

Kristin said...

love it...and love you! those 3 babes are lucky to have you...well 4 if you count your big babe! xoxo

Kristi said...

Some days (most days) we need those little reminders about what is most important in this life, eh?