Saturday, November 27, 2010

2 Years Old!

I can't believe our sweet "Janie girl" is two. CRAZY!!! She seems so much more grown up to me at this age than her brother & sister did. She is a spitfire & is so full of life. She talks non-stop & keeps us really busy! She is really strong-willed & definitely holds her own with her brother & sister. We love her spunky personality... Nate & I are already worried about what she's going to be like as a teenager! Her current likes are:

- Minnie Mouse & "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse"
- Winnie the "foo"
- William: She loves to wrestle with him & thinks he is hilarious. No one can make her laugh like him.
- Tomatoes: Seriously the only thing she ever wants to eat.
- Swedish Fish: She's her daddy's girl
- Books: Especially "Goodnight Moon" & "10 Monkeys on the Bed"
- Her monkey feet p.j.'s
- Grandma "Nina"
- Her bottle: Not proud of this one, but this girl will NOT take a sippy cup. I know, I know... It's got to go! I am taking suggestions of how to get rid of it.
- The phrase "Oh Yeah"

Happy birthday, Lyla Jane! We all love you so much & can't imagine our worlds without you. You make our home so fun!

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The Stringham's said...

Way too cute! I cannot believe she is 2, what a doll. You have such a darling family.