Sunday, February 8, 2009

Star of the Week

It was Olivia's turn to be the "Star of the Week" at school...she was quite excited! She LOVED going through all of our pictures & deciding which ones to put on her poster. Of course, the most important pictures to include were of "Tom & Jerry", her stuffed dogs, & the 3 real dogs in her life: Dottie, Charlie, & Dexter. She chose to take "Fancy Nancy & the Posh Puppy" as the book to read to her class. Forget dolls or Barbies...Olivia continues to love anything that has to do with animals, particularly dogs. We love you, Liv!

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wandering nana said...

Oh my word.... I can't believe how big your kids are and how much they look like you and Ryan! It was like looking at you. I'm glad you posted so now I can look into your world. Meg and I are headed to Tx in March. We have guest rooms if you come to Seattle.