Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Sweet Afternoon

Nate & I had the opportunity of taking our children to the Draper Temple open house today. They were both so excited to go. Will has been fascinated by any building with a steeple for several months now...he thinks every church is a temple. Liv can see the temple from her bedroom window & has been very anxious to get to go inside. I jumped at the chance of taking them to this. I can still remember going to the Jordan River Temple open house as a young child (I have vivid memories of putting on the little slippers). I hope that my children remember today as well when they are older. It was so fun for me to be in that beautiful building with them & to experience it through their eyes. Of course, Liv loved the bride's room & all the "sparkly lights." She took it all in...she asked me what every room was as we entered it. Will's highlight was the baptismal font, or rather the "hot tub." His eyes lit up when he saw it & I could hear the wheels churning in his head as he tried to figure out how he could get in it. I was worried he was going to make a run for it! To top it all off, they got cookies at the end of the tour which was an added bonus for them (I think Will had about 10. Every time I turned my back he was back at the table grabbing more. He even took a bite out of one & then put it back on the tray because he didn't like it). All in all it was a wonderful experience for the whole family that I will cherish always.


wandering nana said...

The picture reminds me of the Rexburg temple. You can see it from Libby's house. It's nice your kids got the opportunity.... especially since you remember when you went. Our Temple is a 45 minute drive in light traffic (of course when is traffic light here?).

Tara said...

We are so lucky!