Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lucy Mae & Lyla Jane

My brother & his family were here last week for a short visit. It is always so fun to see them...my kids LOVE their Uncle Ry, Aunt Sara, & cousin "Lucy Goose." It is hard to say goodbye, but the good news is that we won't have to again. They will officially be moving home in August!!! Lyla can't wait for her BFF to live in town so they can play all the time!


wandering nana said...

Can't believe that "Little Ryan" is a daddy. The girls are so cute. (I'm in Texas visiting Txgirl)

Tara said...

I could squeeze them! How cute. Crazy on the same name thing. they even spell mae with an e.

Joel and Angie said...

Seriously could her smile be any bigger or cuter? What a doll. I know how the cousin thing goes, my kids freak out if they miss even one day of play with their cousins.