Friday, June 19, 2009

Spring Soccer

Both Liv & Will played spring soccer this year with some of their neighborhood friends. Liv really loved soccer this season. She seemed a lot less intimated by the other players & really came into her own. It was so fun to watch her gain new confidence on the field. She was so proud of herself when she would kick the ball (she even had a couple stretches where she broke out & kicked it down the field!). She was disappointed that she didn't score a goal, but we are still so very proud of her. We love you, Liv!

This was Will's 1st soccer experience. He liked it for the most part. He would play for about the 1st quarter & then he was done. He mostly liked to put on his uniform & goof around on the field with his buddies. I think he was just in it for the treats & trophy!

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Joel and Angie said...

Aren't we all just in it for the treats!!!!